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Thursday 30 October 2014

"Here Lies Barnaby Banks"

Issue#72: "Here Lies Barnaby Banks"

Barnaby and Loaker do a "Dallas"...

 Notes and References:

This is the seventh issue to feature zombies. It is also the concluding part of the zombie storyline.

In this issue it is revealed that Barnaby has been having a terrible nightmare and that all of the previous zombie issues were in fact part of this nightmare. The nightmare is said to have begun after Barnaby watched some zombie horror films in issue#67: "Moloch Movies" with Bancroft at the cinema.

The fact that Feigenbaum appears in some of Barnaby's nightmare would indicate that Barnaby may be aware of the Pooka OR perhaps Feigenbaum was once again in one of Barnaby's nightmares.

The tagline in this issue is "Barnaby and Loaker do a "Dallas"..." is a reference to the famous television series Dallas and it's ninth season which was all part of a dream sequence.

While the zombie storyline may be seen to have been a nightmare it may also exist in it's own alternative universe and it may be revisited (In a similar fashion to the evil universe). This should satisfy fans of the zombies as they may feature in the strip again at some point.

Zombie Kathy Dudbert manages to bite Barnaby much like how she managed to sneak up and bite Loaker in issue#69: "Night of the Living Loaker".

Mr. Alighieri has officially featured more as a zombie than he has done as a human being having only appeared twice before the Zombie storyline.

Barnaby's mum is once again heard in this issue by asking if he is okay once he has woken up screaming.

The pyjamas that Barnaby is wearing are Rooster Thompson PJs. He has worn these before in issue#11: "A Nightmare in Moloch Falls" which also featured one of Barnaby's nightmares.

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