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Thursday 6 November 2014

"The Family Feigenbaum"

Issue#73: "The Family Feigenbaum"

Marlo Feigenbaum comes to collect his son Zero...

Notes and References:

This is the first appearance of Marlo Feigenbaum, older brother of Feigenbaum and father of Zero. The character was previously mentioned in issue#60: "The Pooka's Nephew". Marlo looks very similar to Feigenbaum but with stubble, a blue M on his chest and he wears a fedora style hat. He is also meant to be a little more manly looking than Feigenbaum.

This issue marks the fifth appearance of Zero who last appeared in issue#63: "Zugzwang by Zero".

This is the first time that three pooka characters have appeared in the one issue. Marlo is the fifth Pooka to appear in the strip. Feigenbaum, Libchaber, Zero and The Other have all appeared before this issue.

Marlo makes a scathing comment about the amount of people with who Feigenbaum "allows" himself to be seen by. Those people include- Loaker Banks, Emily Hair, Beauregarde, Bartleby Banks and Barnaby Banks (occasionally) among others.
Feigenbaum mentions his childhood and growing up with Marlo. Feigenbaum's turbulent relationship with his father is also hinted at.

Feigenbaum's first name Fasil is once again mentioned by both Zero and his father Marlo. 

Beauregarde notes that he has twelve brothers and he has a strong dislike for all of them.

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