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Sunday 26 October 2014

"Barnaby and the Army of Darkness" Zombie Sunday Special

Zombie Sunday Special Issue: "Barnaby and the Army of Darkness"

Barnaby goes to war....  

Notes and References:

The title of this strip is a reference to "Army of Darkness", A 1992 American dark Fantasy comedy directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell. It is the third film in the Evil Dead film series. The film deals with the main character Ash being pulled through a time portal to 1300 AD where he must once again battle the undead.

The header of this issue is a reference to the "Army of Darkness" film poster and it has Barnaby sporting Ash's now trademark chainsaw.

Some time appears to have passed between this special issue and the main Thursday strips as Barnaby now has weapons and is prepared to fight his way out of Moloch Falls. This change in attitude comes from beheading his brother in the last Sunday Special Issue: "Barnaby VS Loaker".

The zombies featured in this issue are- Emily Hair, Mr. Alighieri, Bancroft. Kathy Dudbert, Aldbug Lobings, Cecil Lobings and Beauregarde along with several other former residents of Moloch Falls.

The Zombies are eating a horse in this issue, This is a reference to episode one "Days Gone Bye" of the AMC zombie series "The Walking Dead" when a horse is devoured by Walkers.

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