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Thursday 7 August 2014

"The Pooka's Nephew"

Issue#60: "The Pooka's Nephew"

Feigenbaum gains an extended family when his Nephew Zero comes to stay in Moloch Falls....  

Notes and References:

The title of this issue is a reference to the 1955 children's book "The Magician's Nephew" by C.S. Lewis. It was the sixth book published in "The Chronicles of Narnia" series but it serves as a prequel to the main series. As such it is typically placed in chronological order whenever in a complete volume of the book collection. 

In this issue, We discover several things about Feigenbaum-

1.- His first name is Fasil. The character has only ever been known as Feigenbaum, Which turns out to be his surname.

2.- He has a family which includes his brother Marlo Feigenbaum, His sister-in-law Peggy (Not mentioned in the strip but in the original script) and his young nephew Zero. They all appear to reside in Ammon Hills, A rival town to Moloch Falls.

3.- Feigenbaum states that he was unsure if he had a family or not due to his status as an imaginary creature.

This is the first appearance of Nephew Zero who is set to appear in several upcoming Pooka themed issues. He has appeared in the banner of the site since issue#52: "See No Feigenbaum, Hear No Beauregarde"

In the letter from his brother Marlo, An annual Pooka Conference in Polpegan is mentioned. In reality Polpegan is a french word meaning Pooka.

Emily Hair, Like Loaker, has always been shown as being capable of seeing Feigenbaum. This "ability" appears to be extended to all pookas as she is able to see Zero.

Emily Hair last appeared in issue#53: "No Country For Barnaby Banks".

Feigenbaum last appeared in issue#52: "See No Feigenbaum, Hear No Beauregarde"

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