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Thursday 31 July 2014

"Where The Wild Things Go"

Issue#59: "Where The Wild Things Go" 

Barnaby discovers that Molochstein wants to go home...

Notes and References: 

The title of this strip is a play on "Where The Wild Things Are", A 1963 children's picture book by American writer and illustrator Maurice Sendak. The story focuses on a boy called Max who dresses up in his wolf costume and sails to an island to become king of a group of beasts known as "The Wild Things". He then decides to return home to his mother much to the dismay of the Wild Things.

Barnaby brings Molochstein the salad which he was seen carrying in issue#58: "The Gremlin Suit Makes The Man". As stated in the note section of that issue, Molochstein is a vegetarian.

Beauregarde can be seen in the distance of the first panel stealing carrots from the Dudberts garden.

Barnaby tearfully states "Some Monsters can't be tamed". Barnaby, as a gremlin, could be seen as a monster that has been tamed by human life. This hidden meaning/interpretation is purposefully lost on Barnaby although it should be clear to the viewer.

This issue marks the final appearance of Molochstein. The character was created for the storyline which saw Barnaby attempt to abandon civilisation in search of solitude. When he went looking for Solitude he instead found Molochstein who unwittingly enabled him to return home.

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