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Thursday 24 July 2014

"The Gremlin Suit Makes The Man"

Issue#58: "The Gremlin Suit Makes The Man"

Bancroft continues to wear the Barnaby suit....

Notes and References:

The title of this issue is a reference to the idiom "the clothes make the man" which was later changed to "the suit makes the man". It basically means that people will judge you depending on the way you dress. It relates to Bancroft, who is now sporting a red gremlin suit that resembles Barnaby Banks.

Bancroft first put on the Barnaby suit in issue#56: "Kathy and the Real Boy". This was because Kathy Dudbert only agreed to go on a date with him if he wore it. The suit was originally made by Kathy Dudbert.

Bancroft may continue to wear this suit in a few special issues that will go along with the regular strip. The stories will revolve around Bancroft being stuck in the suit and people's reactions to the suit. 

Barnaby is carrying a plate of salad for Molochstein, A troll like monster currently staying in Mr.Banks' shed. Although never stated within the strip, Molochstein is a vegetarian.

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