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Sunday 17 August 2014

"The Boy In The Barnaby Suit" Sunday Special

Sunday Special: "The Boy In The Barnaby Suit"

Bancroft is mistaken for Barnaby by Aldbug and Cecil...

Notes and References:

Bancroft has been wearing the gremlin suit created by Kathy Dudbert since in issue#56: "Kathy and the Real Boy".

In issue#61: "Pookananny Hootenanny" Bancroft mentions to Barnaby that the suit's zip is stuck and he is now trapped in it.

Aldbug and Cecil Lobings last appeared in issue#50: "Battle of the Barnabys" Part Two which was the penultimate issue of "The Doppleganger Saga". In the saga, The pair of Goblin bullies teamed up with the psychotic Bartleby to destroy Barnaby. They were last seen running away after Bartleby was defeated by the Pooka Feigenbaum.

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