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Barnaby and Loaker is a weekly webcomic published every Thursday! All characters, designs and stories are created by Gary Mackean and are subject to Copyright. Fans can contact the Gremlins at their email- or to contact the creator of the strip regarding commissions and questions please feel free to use-

Thursday 21 August 2014

"The Woodlands of Forgotten Imaginary Friends"

Issue#62: "The Woodlands of Forgotten Imaginary Friends"

Barnaby and Loaker inadvertently take Feigenbaum and Zero to the Woodlands of Forgotten Imaginary Friends....

Notes and References:

In this issue, Barnaby mentions that his father Mr.Banks used to tell him that all his imaginary friends had gone away to live in the woods. This is similar to the common parental lie about the family dog going to live on the farm (when in reality it has died).

It is worth noting that this is a separate wood to the usual wooded area that the characters are occasionally seen in.

All the faces that Feigenbaum and Zero see in the woods are meant to be slightly similar in appearance to Feigenbaum.

This is the third appearance of Nephew Zero who is appearing in all of the main August strips as part of "Pooka-Month".

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