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Thursday 9 January 2014

"Kathy Dudbert Loves Barnaby Banks#5"


Issue#30: "Kathy Dudbert Loves Barnaby Banks pt.5"

It's perfectly normal to make a life sized stuffed version of your crush...right? Kathy seems to think so...

Notes and References:

This is the second solo Kathy Dudbert Strip, Barnaby appears as a fantasy version of himself and as "Raggedy Barnaby", Kathy's doll of him.

To date Kathy has posted signs declaring her love, Tried bribery, Stalking and now she has resorted to making her very own Barnaby Banks all in the name of true love!

This is the first appearance of "Raggedy Barnaby", He may return for more adventures....

This marks the first change in clothes for Kathy as she normally wears a green jumper, blue jeans and converse style trainers

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