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Thursday 16 January 2014

"The Further Desolation Of Moloch By Loaker Banks"

Issue#31: "The Further Desolation Of Moloch By Loaker Banks" 

Loaker takes a bite out of the history of Moloch Falls...

Notes and References: 

It is in this issue that we learn why Barnaby and Loaker's hometown is called Moloch Falls. Legend has it that a creature (possibly similar to that of a Gremlin albeit much larger) named Moloch came to the flat and empty land and eventually fell and died of unknown causes. The creature's death and subsequent crashing into the ground helped shape the mountains and caused the rivers to flow.

Moloch's skull is purposely made to look similar to that of Barnaby and Loaker's basic head shape.

A Venus de Milo statue in the style of Feigenbaum can be seen in this strip. This hints at the Pooka's influence over Moloch Falls as well as his age and status as an imaginary creature.

This issue features the first official appearance of Barnaby and Loaker in 2014.

It is also the first issue to feature their school teacher Professor. Alighieri, brother of Loaker's speech therapist Dr. Alighieri (See Issue#2: "B Is For Barnaby" folks!). The surname Alighieri is a direct reference to Dante Alighieri, Author of The Divine Comedy.

Issue#31 is also the first to feature the Moloch Museum and the Gremlins with the rest of their classmates (Emily Hair, Kathy Dudbert, Big Kenny, Bancroft, Aldbug and Cecil can all be seen amongst the crowd of pupils in the first panel).

The title "The Further Desolation of Moloch By Loaker Banks" is inspired by Peter Jackson's 2013 epic "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug"

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