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Thursday 4 June 2015

"My Friend, Feigenbaum..."


Issue#103: My Friend, Feigenbaum...

Loaker worries about about growing up. Feigenbaum explains that he'll always be there for Loaker.  

Notes and References:

This issue is all about Loaker realising that one day he'll grow up and everything will change, specifically his friendship with Feigenbaum who is imaginary. It is also about Loaker maturing slightly and acknowledging that everything is temporary to some degree- things change, people grow up and apart etc.

Feigenbaum reassures his friend by suggesting that Pookas are different from other imaginary friends and that he'll stay with Loaker forever or for as long as he can. There is a panel in the strip where Feigenbaum looks as worried as Loaker is but he puts his fears to one side and comforts his friend.  I think what Feigenbaum means by this is that even if Loaker can't physically see him, He'll still remember him somehow.

The title of this issue comes from an idea that I had for a children's book about a man revisiting his childhood home and remembering his old imaginary friend. I may still make this book but for now it seemed appropriate to lend it to the comic strip.

In the final panel of this issue, Feigenbaum suggests that they flood Loaker's house and chew up Mr. Banks' best suits, This is the exact same thing that Feigenbaum urges Loaker to do in Issue#5: "Loaker And His Pooka".

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