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Thursday 11 June 2015

"Barnaby and Loaker"


Issue#104: "Barnaby and Loaker"

In the final main issue of the series, Barnaby and Loaker have a heart to heart discussion.  

Notes and References:

This is the 104th issue of Barnaby and Loaker and it is also the final main issue. This issue is the two year anniversary of the webcomic, which means I've been drawing the gremlins every week for two years straight. Barnaby and Loaker will feature in six special issues coming out every week after this issue. These six issues will round up the webcomic completely for all the characters.

This issue deals with Barnaby's insecurities over his gremlin heritage and how isolated he feels in Moloch Falls. This is a theme that has been current in the vast majority of Barnaby storylines. Loaker gives his own unique insight and helps Barnaby to view their situation differently. Loaker has always been less concerned over his status as Gremlin, this was previously thought as being down to Loaker being a little crazy or unaware. This issue suggests otherwise.

This issue sums up most of the main themes of Barnaby and Loaker which are- feeling like an outsider, the trials and tribulations of growing up and Brotherhood.

In issue#1: "Special Like Loaker", Mrs. Banks reassures Barnaby that he is a "very special boy" while also dismissing Loaker as being a "different kind of special". Barnaby harks back to this by repeating his mother's throw away line as a compliment to Loaker in this issue.

Barnaby and Loaker are sitting on the same hillside seen in issue#43: "Gremlins in the Moonlight" and Issue#13: "Of Barnaby and Loaker".

Both Beauregarde and Molochstein appear in the background on this issue. Beauregarde (last seen in Issue#101: "Beauregarde: War Journal") can be seen behind the bushes. Molochstein (last seen in Issue#79: "Merry Monsters") can be seen in the distance on the mountain side.

Kathy Dudbert's Love heart carving can be seen on the side of the tree as well.

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