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Thursday 14 May 2015

"Let The Gremlins Eat Cake"

Issue#100: "Let The Gremlins Eat Cake"

It's Barnaby and Loaker's Birthday and there's a cake....but not for long.

Notes and References:

This is issue#100 of the weekly webcomic (which means I've been drawing and working on Barnaby and Loaker for a hundred weeks straight) and as such Barnaby and Loaker celebrate their birthday. This is the first birthday that has been seen to be celebrated by the characters in the comic.

The title of this issue was originally "Happy Birthday Barnaby and Loaker" and it had a slightly different story where Emily Hair, Kathy Dudbert and Bancroft all waited at the party for Barnaby and Loaker to appear and then it would cut to the two gremlins lying stuffed with birthday cake in kitchen. The title and the story were changed to show the brothers misbehaving more and to concentrate on their desire for cake. It was also changed to become a solo Barnaby and Loaker issue to mirror the early strips where only the two gremlins would appear.

The title of this issue comes from the french phrase "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche" (translated into english: Let them eat cake). The phrase was supposedly said by "a great princess" (mistakenly thought of as Queen Marie Antoinette) upon learning that the lower class citizens had no bread, the quote shows the disregard the princess and by extension the upper class had for the so called peasants.

The Banks family kitchen was last seen in Issue#98: "Ground Control To Barnaby Banks" where Barnaby makes his ill fated phone call to the Ammon Hills Space Camp.

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