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Thursday 21 May 2015

"Beauregarde: War Journal"

Issue#101: Beauregarde: War Journal

Beauregarde has a flashback to his time in the Hill Top Army....

Notes and References:

The title of this issue comes from the Marvel Comics series The Punisher War Journal, a comic book series which began in 1988. The comics featured the solo adventures of former Marine turned vigilante Frank Castle a.k.a The Punisher.

This issue brings up Beauregarde's time in the Hill Top Army, This had previously been alluded to in in his very first appearance in issue#37: "Barnaby and Beauregarde". The grumpy bunny was a commander in the army and moved to Moloch Falls after several wars.

In this issue we finally get a small flashback to Beauregarde's Hill Top wars.

We previously saw Beauregarde's underground home in issue#42: "Beauregarde VS The Mole-Men" and in issue#81: "Beauregarde's Booze Blues". However this is the first time that we are invited to see his medals and photographs.

Feigenbaum has to squeeze and bend himself down due to his size despite being imaginary.

Feigenbaum and Beauregarde first became friends in issue#52: "See No Feigenbaum, Hear No Beauregarde".

Beauregarde last appeared in issue#98: "Ground Control to Barnaby Banks". Feigenbaum last appeared in issue#99: "Loaker In The Sky".

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