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Thursday 16 April 2015

"Who Will Buy This Wonderful Mole?"

Issue#96: "Who Will Buy This Wonderful Mole?"

Barnaby attempts to sell the Mole-Men....but soon has to drop his prices.  

Notes and References:

This issue takes it's title from the Oliver! : The Musical's song "Who Will Buy". The main chorus of the song contains the repeated line- "Who Will Buy This Wonderful Morning?". The musical was created by Lionel Bart in 1960 and made more famous in the 1968 film by Carol Reed.

After the recent problems with the Mole-Men in the last two issues, Barnaby decides to sell and eventually to give them away.

The desk that Barnaby is sitting at is similar to the desk that Barnaby and Loaker were seated at in the original header for the site.

Bancroft last appeared in Issue#85: "Bancroft Rises". He is still currently stuck in his gremlin suit.

Emily Hair can be seen walking towards Barnaby and Bancroft, implying that she will be taking some Mole-Men away with her.

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