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Thursday 23 April 2015

"Gremlins In Space"

Issue#97: "Gremlins In Space"

Is Barnaby really being sent into Space? He certainly thinks so....  

Notes and References:

Barnaby was given a ticket to attend the Ammon Hills Space Camp by his parents. In this issue he mistakenly believes that he is actually going to be sent into Space.

The title of this issue comes from the 1965 sc-fi tv series "Lost In Space". The television series was created by Irwin Allen and tells the story of the space family Robinson who become lost in outer space.

This is the first appearance of Barnaby's space helmet as well as the first mention of his interest in outer space. Although his interest in stars and the night sky was mentioned Issue#43: "Gremlins in the Moonlight".

The Space Camp is in Ammon Hills, a neighbouring rival town to Moloch Falls. Ammon Hills has been mentioned several times and is the home of Feigenbaum's brother Marlo and his nephew Zero. Feigenbaum's Ammon Hills family first appeared in Issue#60: "The Pooka's Nephew.

Kathy Dudbert last appeared in Issue#92: "Love and Other Imaginary Things" where she could be seen breaking up with her new boyfriend Barney.

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