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Thursday 5 June 2014

"The Moloch Six"

Issue#51: "The Moloch Six" 

Part Eight of Eight of the Doppelganger Saga

The conclusion of the Doppelganger Saga! The evil Bartleby wakes up in a parallel universe and meets Lord. Loaker, Daphne Kuthbert, Bizarrecroft, The Other and Hairbot#4000....

Notes and References:

This is the eighth appearance of Bartleby.

Bartleby mentions that several years have passed for him since issue#50 "Battle of the Barnabys" Part Two. During this time, Bartleby has been trapped in complete darkness thanks to the timely intervention of Feigenbaum last issue. Bartleby only wakes up on this parallel universe thanks to Lord Loaker and his group, who seem to have known of him for awhile.

The name of the Moloch Six was inspired by Marvel's "Sinister Six", a group of supervillains that battle Spiderman and first appeared in Amazing Spiderman Annual 1 (1964). They were created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko. The character of Lord Loaker is inspired by Marvel's Dr. Doom, Enemy of the Fantastic Four, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1962.

The group are also influenced by The Crime Syndicate Of America (An evil version of Justice League from DC comics) created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky in 1964. The character of Bizarrecroft takes his name and appearance from the DC Comics character Bizarro created by Otto Binder and George Papp in 1958.

This is the first issue of Barnaby and Loaker not set in the Prime/Original universe. This story primarily takes place on a Parallel Universe (also known as the Evil Universe). In this universe Moloch Falls is a barren post apocalyptic land where a villainous group known as The Moloch Five (original name before Bartleby joins them making it the Moloch Six) rule supreme.
The group consists of-

Lord. Loaker (Evil counterpart of Loaker Banks)

An evil genius and tyrant as well as the leader of the group. He was once very much like our Loaker until a pooka known as The Other came to him and warped his mind. Through his insanity and partnership with The Other he gained a supreme intelligence and began researching the nature of Gremlins, Discovering that he is direct descendant of the ancient Moloch. This knowledge only fueled his sick mind and drove him to destroy the town along with the planet with the help of his followers. He is an expert in robotics and is the creator of the current Hairbot#4000 among other versions.  

Daphne Kuthbert (Evil counterpart of Kathy Dudbert)

A lonely, disturbed girl who longed for love but could never find the right person to fall in love with due to the lack of a Barnaby Banks in this universe. She devoted herself to studying genetics and created the creature known as Bizarrecroft to be her friend and boyfriend. Both she and her hapless creature fell in with the wrong crowd and joined Lord Loaker and his evil team.  

Bizarrecroft (Genetically engineered evil counterpart of Bancroft)

Bizarrecroft is a creature created by Daphne Kuthbert. He is very slow moving and dimwitted. Unlike Bancroft, He has hair and wears a check jumper instead of being bald and having a striped one, He also has horrible white skin. The character is a pastiche of the superman character Bizarro.  

Hairbot#4000 (Robotic evil Counterpart of Emily Hair)

Hairbot#4000 is one of the latest robotic servants of Lord. Loaker. It is built to assist with any task given to it by Lord Loaker. However with each Hairbot, There is a persistent flaw in which it desires to paint. It also has a device called the multidimensional transporter which enabled Lord.Loaker to rescue Bartleby from eternal Darkness.  

The Other (Evil replacement for Feigenbaum)

A former pooka who serves and works with Lord Loaker. Unlike the relationship and friendship that Loaker has with Feigenbaum, The Other purposefully took over Loaker's mind and twisted the young gremlin into the evil lord of destruction. As stated he was once a creature very similar to a pooka but lost his status as one along with his pooka ears due to being absolute evil. He is not a direct counterpart of our Feigenbaum, The Other is a different pooka who arrived in Moloch Falls instead of Feigenbaum.

The History of The Evil Universe

This universe is said to have originally became so dark and evil due to Loaker never having a brother like Barnaby Banks. The lack of Barnaby has deeply affected and changed several characters for the worse. It should be noted that this universe also did not originally have a Emily Hair or Bancroft until creatures with similar attributes were created by Loaker and Daphne Kuthbert. Also the pooka known as The Other is not a direct counterpart to Feigenbaum either but serves in his absence with Feigenbaum never having came to Moloch Falls.

The lack of Barnaby, Emily Hair, Bancroft and Feigenbaum has had a negative and devastating affect on this world's Loaker and Kathy Dudbert (known as Daphne Kuthbert in this timeline, There's a whole family tree I've made to explain the name changes and hair colour but I won't get into it here) 

Bartleby is the newest member as well as the only member not from the Evil Universe.

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