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Thursday 26 June 2014

"No Gremlin Is An Island"

Issue#54: "No Gremlin Is An Island"

Barnaby's quest for solitude doesn't quite go to plan as he brings Loaker along and meets a monster...

Notes and References:

Last week's issue "No Country For Barnaby Banks" showed Barnaby deciding to leave Moloch Falls for a while so that people would start appreciating him again and so that he could get a little time to reflect on recent events. This issue shows that Barnaby has decided to take Loaker along for the ride and he has only gotten as far as the twin peak mountains- Mount Moloculus and Mount Steinnus (the mountains seen regularly in the background of most strips and the banner).

The tent seen in the header of this issue is a Rooster Thompson tent. Rooster Thompson is a cartoon superhero show which Barnaby is a massive fan of.

The title of this issue is a play on "No Man Is An Island", A line from the 18th century poet John Donne. The meaning behind this famous saying is that no one person can truly be self sufficient as we all need to rely on one another. This relates to Barnaby's current situation and it sums up his line in this issue- "I think that solitude is better shared between two people" meaning that while Barnaby may have a longing for some time alone, He doesn't really want to be as truly alone as he might think.

At the end of this issue, Barnaby and Loaker meet a large monster. More information about this monster will be revealed in the next issue- "Barnaby and Loaker Meet Molochstein"

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