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Thursday 19 June 2014

"No Country For Barnaby Banks"

Issue#53: "No Country For Barnaby Banks"

Following the events of the Doppelganger Saga, Emily Hair inadvertently gives Barnaby the idea to leave Moloch Falls...  

Notes and References:

Emily Hair last appeared in issue#40 "The Gremlin Club" Part One.

Hair wasn't directly involved in the Doppelganger Saga so it makes sense that Barnaby would talk to her about it.

Emily Hair mentions Feigenbaum. Barnaby, although having now met Feigenbaum in issue#50 "Battle of the Barnabys" Part Two, doesn't seem to know him by name. 

Emily Hair's mention of her "mam's caravan" is taken from a conversation I had with the REAL Emily Hair awhile ago.

This is the first time readers have seen Barnaby and Emily Hair have a conversation in the series.

Barnaby Mentions Bartleby from "The Doppelganger Saga" which lasted from Issue#44 until Issue#51.

Several love heart tree carvings by Kathy Dudbert which were later destroyed by Aldbug Lobings appear in the background.

In the strip's title banner, Barnaby is seen carrying a Bindle which is a stick with a bag containing the person's sole belongings. The Bindle has long been stereotypically used by the American sub-culture of Hobos.

The title of this issue is "No Country For Barnaby Banks" which is taken from Cormac McCarthy's 2005 thriller novel "No Country For Old Men". The plot of the book revolves around three separate characters who all cross paths with one another after a failed drug deal.
The book's title comes from the poem "Sailing to Byzantium" written by W.B. Yeats in 1928. The poem deals with a man's spiritual and metaphorical journey as he pursues his own vision of paradise and eternity. However Cormac McCarthy's title deals more with the main protagonist's struggles over the escalating crime he faces as a lawman as well as his feelings of isolation and being left behind by the world due to his age. This relates to Barnaby's own feelings of inadequacy and rejection due to recent events in "The Doppleganger Saga"

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