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Thursday 8 May 2014

"One Of These Gremlins Is Not Like The Others"

Issue#47: "One Of These Gremlins Is Not Like The Others"

Part Four of Eight of The Doppelganger Saga

After the apparent death of Feigenbaum, Bartleby tries to recruit Loaker to his evil brotherhood...  

Notes and References:

This issue is the forth appearance of Bartleby, Barnaby's evil counterpart.

Aldbug and Cecil are spoken to in this issue but are unseen. Barnaby appears in the title but does not appear in the actual story although he is mentioned several times.

The title of this issue is a reference from "One of these things (is not like the others)", a song that was created by Joe Raposo, Jon Stone and Bruce Hart which was featured several times on episodes of Sesame Street from 1969 onwards.

Loaker proves to be as frustrating to Bartleby as he is to Barnaby. Bartleby once again mentions his plan to destroy all Moloch Falls and especially Barnaby in this issue.

Loaker's usual "rassafassarasss" is distorted due to being gagged. 

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