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Thursday 24 April 2014

"The Brotherhood Of Evil Gremlins (And Goblins)"

Issue#45: "The Brotherhood Of Evil Gremlins (And Goblins)"

Part Two of Eight of The Doppelganger Saga

Barnaby's evil counterpart recruits some henchmen in the form of a very confused Aldbug and Cecil...

Notes and References: 

This is the second issue to feature Bartleby, Barnaby's evil counterpart who was created in issue#44: "A Tale Of Two Barnabys".

This issue is part two of the eight issue arch known as "The Doppelganger Saga".

The title is in reference to famous X-men foes "The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants". The mutant terrorist organisation originally led by arch-enemy Magneto debuted in issue#4 of Uncanny X-Men by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1964.

The brotherhood's roster in this issue consists of one gremlin and two goblins but it is interesting to note that Bartleby has targeted Loaker first, Perhaps in an attempt to recruit him.

Bartleby also mentions his plans to deal with "The Pooka" which shows that he at least has some knowledge of Feigenbaum. Bartleby also appears to be chatty, A trait that I decided worked well with villainous characters. It is also an exaggeration on Barnaby's inquisitive nature.

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