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Thursday 10 April 2014

"Gremlins In The Moonlight"

Issue#43: "Gremlins In The Moonlight"

Barnaby and Loaker do a little stargazing...

Notes and References:

This issue, like some of the other Barnaby and Loaker stories, is partially based on real events from my life. Barnaby mentions how their grandfather told them some of the star signs in the night sky. This happens to be one of my earliest half remembered memories of my own grandad. I think at the time I was too busy playing with my torch and running around with my brother but clearly something stuck.

Orion's Belt, Also known as The Belt of Orion, is one of the easiest asterism (a collection of stars linking or part of one or more constellations) to spot in the early evenings. It consists of three evenly spaced bright stars which are known as Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka. The belt is only part of the actual constellation of Orion.

The header in this issue is based on the same header as issue#13 "Of Barnaby and Loaker" which is in turn based on the 1993 penguin published "Of Mice and Men" cover written by John Steinbeck.

Feigenbaum appears as the face in the moon. This is partly based on the 1902 french silent film "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" (A trip to the moon) by Georges Méliès.

The tree that appears in the story features one of the "KD-4-BB" wood carvings by Kathy Dudbert which was later destroyed by Aldbug Lobings in issue#32 "Aldbug Lobings Hates Barnaby Banks"

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