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Thursday 5 December 2013

"The Pooka Paradox"

Issue#25: "The Pooka Paradox"

Loaker and his archenemy Cecil's imaginary friends have an argument but who is imagining it? The mystery of Pookas continue...

Notes and References:

 Although never stated in the issue, Cecil's Pooka is called Libchaber. He is named after Professor Albert J. Libchaber who was awarded The Wolf Prize in Physics along with Mitchell Feigenbaum for confirming the latter's theoretical predictions about Chaos theory.

Libchaber is the second Pooka to appear within the series. He almost nearly identical to Feigenbaum apart from having a Green L on his body instead of a red F, He also has a Beard and is considered to be significantly more evil/twisted than Feigenbaum.

The beard is reference the Star Trek original series episode "Mirror, Mirror" which features an evil Spock Doppelganger who has a beard. This is also referenced in the NBC series Community where a parallel universe exists with Evil Abed sporting a fake and later real beard to highlight his allegiance to evil.

The term "So's your face" is considered the Ultimate comeback.

This is the second strip to feature Cecil and the first to feature Libchaber.

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