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Thursday 28 November 2013

"Kathy Dudbert Loves Barnaby Banks#4"

Issue#24: "Kathy Dudbert Loves Barnaby Banks pt.4"

Nothing says love like relentless stalking...right? Kathy seems to think so.

Notes and References: 

This is the first issue to never feature Barnaby or Loaker, They only appear in family photographs. (Barnaby as a baby and a recent Loaker photo where he is hanging from a tree)

This is the second time that Barnaby and Loaker's Granny has been mentioned, The first was waaaay back in issue#2: "Are You There God? It's Barnaby and Loaker".

Rupert the Grem-Bat appears in the Banks family home. This makes it his third appearance so far.

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