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Thursday 31 October 2013

"Gremlins and Guising" (Barnaby and Loaker Halloween Special)


Issue#20: Gremlins and Guising (Halloween Special)

Barnaby and Loaker go guising/trick-or-treating without their costumes.
However they still get more sweets than everyone else for some reason...

Notes and References:

This is both the twentieth issue as well as the Halloween Special issue.

Guising is another name for Trick-or-Treating used in Scotland.

In an earlier script Barnaby was originally going to be dressed as his hero Rooster Thompson,
While Loaker was in a straight jacket. 

In the background of the final panel you will see a person in a ghost costume (Kathy Dudbert), A Frankenstein-Bancroft and at the far right there is a man dressed as Feigenbaum with two children dressed as Barnaby and Loaker.

This is the second appearance of Barnaby and Loaker's pet Rupert who appears on the header next to a pumpkin.

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