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Thursday 23 July 2015

"Things sure have changed here in Moloch Falls..." Special #6


Special#6: "Things sure have changed here in Moloch Falls..."

In the distant future, Loaker returns to Moloch Falls...  

Notes and References:

This is the final issue of the six specials as well as the last issue of Barnaby and Loaker.

The title of this issue is a reference to the 1971 American TV show The Waltons, created by Earl Hamner Jr. The series showed the life of a Depression-era family in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountain.

This is the first flashforward issue in the series as every other issue either took place in the present or in flashbacks. This issue takes place several decades in the future where all the other main characters, apart from Loaker, have passed away. Loaker is visibly elderly and can now speak some english.

Loaker is the only character who has appeared as an infant and as an elderly person. He has been shown as a baby in issue#66: "The Grandfather" and in Special#4: "When Loaker Met Feigenbaum". He is also the only character to appear alive in the final issue (all the other characters appear in a single image flashback/memory). Loaker is also the only main character to have died during an issue.

The Pooka caretaker that appears in this issue is similar in appearance to Feigenbaum's Nephew Zero who first appeared in issue#60: "The Pooka's Nephew". However the pooka in this issue doesn't seem to recognise Loaker. Loaker has met Zero several times.

The caretaker also mentions that an earthquake happened in Moloch Falls. This is the second mentioned earthquake in the series. The first earthquake occured in 1986 and is first mentioned by Barnaby in issue#102: "The Gremlin Who Knew Too Much".

The rabbits that appear in the panel with the graves of the main characters are descendants of the grumpy bunny Beauregarde. They are the result of the character's marriage in Special#2: "A Marriage in Moloch Falls".

The tree that has appeared on the hillside in many issues including issue#104: "Barnaby and Loaker" has been cut down.

The graves of the main characters reveal that Barnaby died aged 53. Kathy Dudbert finally married Barnaby Banks and died aged 66. Bancroft died at the early age of 29 and Emily Hair died aged 69. Beauregarde's death isn't mentioned but due to the life expectancy of a rabbit, we can assume that he has passed away. Feigenbaum's death isn't mentioned because he is at least partially imaginary although the fact that he isn't with Loaker would imply that he has also possibly died or been forgotten about. Loaker dies at the grand old age of 100 after finally returning to his childhood home one last time.

I'd like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported Barnaby and Loaker and kept up to date with the issues since I started it back in 2013. It's been a lot of fun drawing these characters and it's quite sad to see it finish after a couple of years but I think the time is right. This issue serves as an ultimate ending to the character's lives but there are plenty of years inbetween that were never seen. Maybe one day I'll go back to Moloch Falls and show you some more of their adventures but for now I'd just like to say thank you and goodbye Barnaby and Loaker! 


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