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Thursday 12 March 2015

"Barnaby's Befuddlements"

Issue#91: "Barnaby's Befuddlements" 

Barnaby asks his father some questions...

Notes and References: 

The title of this strip is another example of alliteration used in some of the issues.

 After finding out that he can ask his dad anything, Barnaby proceeds to do so. The questions that Barnaby asks and the reasons behind them follow below-

"Why am I red and you're not?" 
 This question is connected to his adoption by the loving Banks family and his gremlin heritage.

"How do you know when a girl likes you?" 
This question comes from Barnaby's recent love problems with Kathy Dudbert in issue#87: "Barnaby Banks Loves Kathy Dudbert"

"Have you heard of someone called Feigenbaum?" 
This relates to Barnaby only seeing the pooka a few brief times and hearing Loaker and Emily Hair speaking about the character.

"Did Rupert really go to live on a farm?" 
This question reveals that Barnaby and Loaker's pet grembat has passed away at some point. Rupert first appeared in issue#15: "Barnaby and Loaker...and Rupert" and was last seen in issue#38: "Super-Gremlin and the Bald Wonder". Barnaby's parents have told their children a little white lie about Rupert going to live on a farm to spare them any pain.

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