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Thursday 12 February 2015

"Barnaby Banks Loves Kathy Dudbert"


Issue#87: "Barnaby Banks Loves Kathy Dudbert"

Barnaby realises that he loves Kathy....but is he too late?  

Notes and References:

Barnaby realises that he is in love with Kathy Dudbert. In previous issues it was Kathy being the one loved up usually in strips entitled "Kathy Dudbert Loves Barnaby Banks" with Barnaby failing to notice her affections.

Kathy fell out of love with Barnaby after confusing him with his doppelganger Bartleby in issue#48 "Kathy Dudbert Hates Barnaby Banks". However despite trying to move on, She still loved/loves him deep down possibly without realising it.

This is the first appearance of Kathy's new boyfriend Barney. The character purposely has a similar name to Barnaby and is meant to look like the human version of Barnaby. This is meant to show that perhaps Kathy is secretly still longing for her gremlin.

This is the first appearance of Kathy Dudbert in 2015.

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