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Thursday 8 January 2015

"Year of the Gremlin"

Issue#82: "Year of the Gremlin" 

It may be a new year but nothing changes for Barnaby Banks...

Notes and References:

The title of this issue is a play on The Chinese zodiac which follows a twelve year cycle. Each of the years are named after an animal. It is believed that people born in whatever year take on the characteristics of whichever animal is in the year.

The animals include the Rat, the Cow, the Tiger, the Rabbit, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Sheep, the Monkey, the Chicken, the Dog and the Pig.

The zodiac animal this year is the Sheep/Ram. Chinese New Year takes place on February 19th.

Barnaby continues to have bad luck.

The scene where Barnaby is caught in the storm is similar to Issue#24: "Kathy Dudbert Loves Barnaby Banks pt.4" where Kathy gets soaked while stalking Barnaby outside of his house.

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