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Thursday 11 December 2014

"A Moloch of Snow and Ice"

Issue#78: "A Moloch of Snow and Ice" 

Emily Hair makes a snow tribute to the ancient Moloch...

Notes and References: 

This is the second of four winter themed issues of Barnaby and Loaker.

Moloch is a giant monster who died and shaped the land that would become Moloch Falls. Moloch has previously appeared in issue#31: "The Further Desolation of Moloch by Loaker Banks" as a scale model replica skeleton and in the time travelling issue#54: "Crisis On Mixed Up Earths". This issue marks his third "appearance".

Barnaby last made a snowman in issue#27: "Snow Gremlins" which saw him cover his brother Loaker in snow.

Emily Hair last officially appeared in the Sunday Special Strip "Gremlin and Proud" where she attempted to help cheer up Bancroft. She also recently appeared in the Zombie storyline which ran from issue#68-72. This storyline was revealed to have taken place in Barnaby's nightmare.

Emily Hair's snow-moloch is an example of her creative personality and skills as an artist.

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