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Thursday 27 November 2014

"Crisis On Mixed Up Earths...Again"

Issue#76: "Crisis On Mixed Up Earths...Again" 

Bartleby and the rest of the evil doppelgangers crash land in the Zombie Universe...

Notes and References:

Bartleby, Lord. Loaker, Daphnie Kuthbert, The Other and Hairbot#4000 last appeared in issue#64 "Crisis On Mixed Up Earths" where they attempted to travel to the main universe to destroy Barnaby and his friends.

Lord. Loaker continues to berate Hairbot#4000 

A zombie universe (later revealed to be a nightmare of Barnaby Banks) was last seen in issue#72 "Here Lies Barnaby Banks". This issue shows a similar world where the main characters are zombies. It is worth noting that Zombie Loaker is headless and being carried by Zombie Feigenbaum, Indicating that this Zombie Universe is the same one depicted in Barnaby's nightmare.

The title of this issue is a reference to "Crisis on Infinite Earths", A 1985 DC Comics crossover event. It is a continuation of issue#64.

The doppelgangers may return in some form or another depending if they survive their zombie adventure.

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