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Thursday 2 October 2014

"Moloch Falls, Falls Into Darkness"

Issue#68: "Moloch Falls,Falls Into Darkness"

The Undead arrive to terrify and destroy Moloch Falls...  

Notes and References:

Emily Hair calls Beauregarde "Snowy/Beauregarde" which is due to Barnaby thinking that Beauregarde is called "Snowy". This was first seen in Beauregarde's first appearance issue#37: "Barnaby and Beauregarde".

This issue shows that it took a total of 28 minutes for the vast majority of residents of Moloch Falls to become infected. This is reference to the post apocalyptic films "28 days Days Later"(2002) and it's sequel "28 Weeks Later"(2007).

Beauregarde, Emily Hair, Kathy Dudbert, Bancroft, Feigenbaum, Aldbug Lobings, Cecil Lobings and Mr. Alighieri (the hapless school teacher who last appeared in issue#41: "The Gremlin Club" Part Two) all appear as zombies.

This issue shows that even imaginary creatures like Feigenbaum can become zombies. However his trademark red "F" has become a pale green.

Barnaby is seemingly the only resident of Moloch Falls who has not been transformed into a zombie (at least he appears to be the sole survivor in this issue, This may not be the case.)

Zombies will continue to feature in the strip for the whole of October and possibly'll just have to keep reading to see how this will unfold.

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