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Sunday 19 October 2014

"Barnaby VS Loaker" Zombie Sunday Special

Zombie Sunday Special: "Barnaby VS Loaker"

Barnaby must fight off his zombified brother Loaker....  

Notes and References:

The title of this strip is a play on the comic's main title "Barnaby and Loaker".

This story was originally meant to happen before the zombie storyline took place. Barnaby and Loaker were meant to be fighting at home and eventually split up by their parents. The story was adapted into the zombie storyline to show how far both the characters have gone since the zombie outbreak.

This is the first official appearance of Zombie Loaker, However he did appear in the header of issue#69: "Night of the Living Loaker".

Barnaby manages to knock Loaker's head clean off with a baseball bat. However Zombie Loaker still appears to be "alive" somehow afterwards.

Barnaby walks off distraught and mortified by his actions and the state of Moloch Falls.

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