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Thursday 4 September 2014

"Crisis On Mixed Up Earths"

Issue#64: "Crisis On Mixed Up Earths"

The evil Bartleby and the rest of the Moloch Six attempt to travel to the main universe...  

Notes and References:

The Moloch Six- Bartleby, Lord. Loaker, Daphnie Kuthbert, The Other, Bizarrecroft and Hairbot#4000- last appeared in issue#51: "The Moloch Six". They are the evil counterparts to the main characters of the comic strip.

When we last saw them, Lord.Loaker and Bartleby were plotting to travel to the main universe so they could destroy it. This issue sees the team's first attempt at this. The evil counterparts successfully manage to travel to the main universe using Hairbot#4000's multidimensional transporter. However their timing is a little off, Having arrived during the age of Moloch, Centuries before the town would be known as Moloch Falls

Moloch is a large gremlin like creature whose death helped create what would become the town known as Moloch Falls. The character's history was previously hinted at in issue#31: "The Further Desolation of Moloch by Loaker Banks". Until now the reader has been unaware of what caused Moloch to "fall", In this issue we can see small Barnaby like creatures attacking Moloch. The group manage to teleport away before witnessing the fall of Moloch by these creatures.

Both Moloch and the creatures attacking him are purposely meant to resemble Barnaby and Loaker.

This issue features the death of one of the Moloch Six members when Moloch inadvertently stands on Bizarrecroft.

The title of this issue is a reference to "Crisis on Infinite Earths", A 1985 DC Comics crossover which deals with the destruction of the multiverse in the DC Universe and depicted the deaths of Supergirl and The Flash. It is one of the most important events within DC Comics history as it re-established some of the comic books continuity.

The Moloch Six (Now the Moloch Five) may return later in the year....

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