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Thursday 10 July 2014

"Kathy and the Real Boy"

Issue#56: "Kathy and the Real Boy"

Kathy attempts to move on from Barnaby....

Notes and References:

The title and the header (notice the change of fonts and designs) of this issue is a reference to "Lars and the Real Girl", A 2007 comedy drama directed by Craig Gillespie and starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Mortimer. The film follows Lars (Gosling) as he begins a romantic relationship with Bianca, A life sized doll.
This issue deals with Kathy Dudbert attempting to move on from Barnaby after the events of the Doppelganger Saga by going on a date with Bancroft, A human boy instead a Gremlin.

The costume that Bancroft is wearing is another example of Kathy Dudbert's sewing skills. The first example of this was in issue#30: "Kathy Dudbert Loves Barnaby Banks Part 6" where she created "Raggedy Barnaby".

This is the first Kathy Dudbert centered issue without the title "Kathy Dudbert Loves Barnaby Banks". This is also the first issue where Bancroft is wearing something other than his signature yellow and black striped jumper.

Barnaby, Loaker and the newly introduced Molochstein can be see walking on the other side of the fence. Molochstein has appeared in issues#54 and #55.

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