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Thursday 6 March 2014

"Super-Gremlin and the Bald Wonder"

Issue#38: "Super-Gremlin and the Bald Wonder"

Moloch Falls has some new superheroes....

Notes and References: 

This is the first issue to feature Barnaby and Bancroft's superhero aliases Super-Gremlin and the Bald Wonder. They may reappear in later issues.

This issue features Barnaby(Super-Gremlin), Bancroft(The Bald Wonder), Rupert the grem-bat, Feigenbaum and Loaker.

This is the first issue in which Barnaby identifies himself as a gremlin instead of a normal human boy. Although this could merely be a coincidence when he created the superhero identity.

The colour of Barnaby's superhero outfit is purposely similar to that of his hero Rooster Thompson's outfit.

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