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Barnaby and Loaker is a weekly webcomic published every Thursday! All characters, designs and stories are created by Gary Mackean and are subject to Copyright. Fans can contact the Gremlins at their email- or to contact the creator of the strip regarding commissions and questions please feel free to use-

Thursday 24 October 2013

"The Ingenious Gentleman Don Loaker of La Moloch Falls"

issue#19: "The Ingenious Gentleman Don Loaker of La Moloch Falls"

Loaker battles giants...or are they trees?

Notes and References:

The story and the title are references to "The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha" written by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra. The book focuses on Alonso Quijano who adopts the alias Don Quixote after being inspired by chivalric novels to protect the land as a noble knight. He recruits hapless farmer Sancho Panza who acts as his squire as he battles sheep and windmills who he imagines as enemy armies and giants.

The popular question of who was more insane- Don Quixote for imagining he was fighting giants or Sancho Panza who went along with it, Plays a part in this issue as the viewer is asked to same question regarding Loaker and Feigenbaum.

Instead of fighting windmills, Loaker decided to battle one of the many trees that have been marked with "KD 4 BB" by Kathy Dudbert.

The toy horse that Loaker is riding on is a tribute to the Winne-The-Pooh character Eeyore the Donkey, Another possible imaginary character.

Loaker's language is translated albeit in a rough and unreliable manner.

This is the first ever fully coloured issue of Barnaby and Loaker. The strips will vary between the standard black and white originals and the digitally coloured ones.

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