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Thursday 8 August 2013

"The Barnaby Or The Egg?"

Issue#8: "The Barnaby Or The Egg?"

Parents never really understand their kids, Especially when that kid is Barnaby Banks and especially when he is wearing his rooster costume while watching his favourite TV show Rooster Thompson....  

Notes and References: The title is reference to the "what came first, The chicken or the egg?" causality dilemma and is connected to Barnaby's favourite chicken themed TV show. The show Rooster Thompson is an ongoing feature in several issues and is based on a character that I created many years ago before Barnaby and Loaker as a sort of spoof of Batman. The character's name is also a play on one of Mike Mignola's characters Lobster Johnson from his Hellboy series. The theme of parents not "getting" or understanding what their children like to watch on TV is based on real life events of my own childhood when my dad would look bamboozled at the kids TV shows that I used to watch.

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