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Barnaby and Loaker is a weekly webcomic published every Thursday! All characters, designs and stories are created by Gary Mackean and are subject to Copyright. Fans can contact the Gremlins at their email- or to contact the creator of the strip regarding commissions and questions please feel free to use-

Thursday 1 August 2013

"Hide, Seek and Barnaby!"

Issue#7: Hide, Seek and Barnaby!

 Barnaby and Loaker decided to to play a game of hide and seek with their friends, Bancroft, Kathy Dudbert and Kenny but they all soon realise that in Moloch Falls nothing is as simple as it seems...  

Notes: This is the first of many strips featuring the neighbourhood friends. The overall theme of this strip is Barnaby Banks versus group activities, Something that will continue on in the series...

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