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Sunday 16 June 2013

Loaker Banks Profile

(He likes to hang upside down)

Name: Loaker Geronimo Banks

Age: 10

Location: Banks Residence, Moloch Falls

Occupation: Student at Fletcher Welles High School, Possible creator/main conduit of the imaginary Feigenbaum (although several other characters have seen him as well), Undisputed Upside Down Champion of Moloch Falls and Patient at Aligierhi Speech Therapy.

Description: A Cerulean Blue coloured young Gremlin with pointy bat ears, claws, dark body hair, large white eyes and an overbite which shows off his six sharp fangs. Lacks the ability to speak any English apart from a select amount of words.

Likes: Hanging upside down for hours at a time, Eating almost anything including pieces of machinery (echoing the gremlin nature seen in previous pieces of literature), Hanging out with his imaginary best friend Feigenbaum and his brother Barnaby, Bath time with his rubber Ducky.

Dislikes: His Speech Therapy sessions, items that he cannot eat or chew or munch at, bed time.

Relatives: Barnaby Banks (Biological Twin Brother), Mr Banks (Adopted Father), Mrs Banks (Adopted Mother), The Grandfather (Adopted Grandfather), Jimmy the worm (Pet worm), Feigenbaum (Imaginary Best Friend and Advisor)

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